A Musical play

JANUARY 2-4, 2015

Kairatie 37, Rovaniemi City, Finland

Information on the eventUnder the Northern Lights Musical Play illustrates all the senses

“Under the Northern Lights” is a new Christmas-spirited musical play which tells about a winter evening in a family that lived in Lapland in the 15th century. Animals in the forest, the starry sky along with the northern lights offer an astonishing display to the Lappish teepee villagers.

The southern tradesmen have spread their trips up to the northernmost areas in Lapland. New things and ideas start changing the traditional arctic life style. The villagers are celebrating their first real Christmas.

The fictitious story describes the human longing for one another, and reminds us of the reality that life is beyond our senses and understanding. It means much more than we can ever observe, touch or feel with our senses.

The fresh music of the orchestra is played by some ancient Finnish traditional instruments like the kantele, the bowed lyre and the frame drum.

Watch a video from the rehearsals!

Read in japanese

脚本・作曲 ラッセ・ヘイッキラによるミュージカル

オーロラの もとで


Poster - Brochure

Four showsUnder the Northern Lights Premiere on Friday, January 02, at 7:00p.m.(19:00); followed by three other shows: Friday, January 02 / Saturday, January 03 / Sunday, January 04.

Friday 7:00 p.m.

Under the Northern Lights Premiere on Friday, January 02, at 7:00p.m.(19:00)

Saturday 4:00 p.m.

Saturday 7:00 p.m.

Sunday 4:00 p.m.

The role characters of the musical playThe musical play has several roles. The main role characters are introduced here.

Revontulten Alla, keskeiset roolihenkilöt

SOLLASolla, being a mother of four children, tries to cope in the severe winter without her lost husband.

OSMAOsma is Solla's youngest son whose vivid imagination plays tricks by dimming the line between fact and fiction.

BIRKIBirki is an energetic and helpful young lady who dreams about her future husband.

TIERATiera is an aged wise man who -after having studied everything- concludes that he hardly knows anything.

Ticket pricesTickets are available at Rovaniemi Ilopysäkki Christian Book Store, located on Rovakatu 24, Rovaniemi downtown. Tickets are also available and payable at Kairatemppeli Pentecostal Church before the show.

Adult ticket

17/ adult
Adults over 16 years

Low Price Ticket

10/ Children, Students, Unemployed, Senior citizens
Children under 16 years
Senior citizens

Family ticket

35/ Families
e.g. 2 adults + 2 children



VenueKairatemppeli owned by Rovaniemi Pentecostal Church, takes in at a time the audience of approximately 500 people. During the UNDER THE NORTHERN LIGHTS show nights, you can also drop in the Kaira Cafeteria, accompanied by the Lapp-thing Store where you can buy some refreshments, snacks, Lappish arts and souvenirs. Kairatemppeli Pentecostal Church is located in the downtown area, with the street address Kairatie 37. www.kairatemppeli.fi

KAIRATEMPPELI KAIRATIE 37, 96100 ROVANIEMI See the Location on the Map!

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Masterminds behind the SpectacleAll the Persons who have been masterminding this Spectacle have left there something of themselves. It is that precious Something that we can enjoy in this spectacular show!


Mr. Lasse Heikkilä, the first scriptwriter and the composer, has composed several musicals and masses, the most famous of which is Suomalainen Messu (Tones of Finland). Lasse Heikkilä is the most translated songwriter in Finland of all times.  www.lasse.net

The second scriptwriter, and the costume designer, Ms. Kirsi-Klaudia Kangas is a scholar in visual arts, as well as a writer and a journalist. Also, working as a Wilderness Guide in Lapland, makes her a specialist in the arctic culture and history. Ms.Kangas has drafted the visual logo of the spectacle, as well as illustrated the role characters.

Pictures and effects

Mr. Kimmo Kuure is a nature-focused photographer, specialized in Lapland and the Northern Lights. His multivision show, The Land of Snow and Northern Lights is included in the daily programs in Rovaniemi Arktikum Science Center. Mr. Kuure`s fascinating pictures, taken in the Lappish nature, as well as the Northern Lights videos form an essential part of stage setting in the spectacle. www.arcticlight.fi

Mr. Teemu Kivisalo, the lightning designer, is one of the pioneers in interartistic picture projecting. The powerful video projectors draw the Lappish sceneries, the Northern Lights and snow storms on the walls of Kairatemppeli hall, creating a fabulous background for the musical play. www.luovatehdas.fi


The orchestra is conducted by the composer, Mr. Lasse Heikkilä who himself plays the bowed lyre, and the percussion instruments

Ms. Ida Elina, the internationally awarded virtuoso, masters the pop-jazz-kantele-playing. www.idaelina.com

Ms. Mimmi Laaksonen, playing the ethnic flutes and percussions, comes from the Folk Music Department in Sibelius Academy.


Mrs. Saila Seurujärvi (Solla) lives in Kittilä village and has concert tours all over in Finland and other countries as a solo singer or accompanied by her own band, also named Saila. She has published two Lapland-spirited CDs, named Puhdasta Kultaa (Pure Gold)- and Kristallirakeita (Chrystal Fragments). www.saila.fi

Okko Seurujärvi (Osma), aged 12, is Saila Seurujärvi`s youngest son in real life, too. This musical role is his first.

Mrs. Marjut Rahkola (Birgi )is a class-teacher, as well as an experienced musician and singer, also being in charge of the Jippee mission. www.jippiimissio.fi

Mr. Petri Aaltio (Tiera) is an optician and an active nature trotter, who also goes in for music and riding motorbikes. He is in charge of the local Gospel Riders` activities. www.gospelriders.fi

Ms. Salla Korteniemi (Kesukka)is a multitalented artist who every now and then can easily get transformed from a reindeer to a student of the University of Lapland.

Mr. Juha Peltola (Unaja) is a father of seven children, a teacher, as well as an entrepreneur

Other performers:
Anneli Takalo, Eemeli Sahimaa, Juho Jokela, Samuel Vinkki, Essi Lind, Rosa Arponen

Designers, Specialists and Artists

Heikki Korppi, production
Timo Törmänen, media
Pilvikki Viitanen, recruitment
Pekka Ruokanen, financing
Kaisa Lakkala, personal guidance
Vesa Santaniemi & Pekka Marin, stage setting
Marjut Seurujärvi, costume designer
Suvi Korhonen ja Kaisa Sipovaara, decoration
Taika Mänty, make up artist
Maru Pikkumäki, set
Veikko Vasko, sound reproduction
Jyrki Lilja, lightning
Liisa Helistekangas, cafeteria
Riitta Tolonen ja Marina Skliaruk, text translations in Russian
Marita Pasuri, texts & translations in English
Takumi Kato, text translations in Japanese
Tuuli Heikkilä, translations in English
Joshua Syrja-Sano, translations in Japanese
Marko Willig, hotel transportations
Esa Pikkumäki, pastor
PELERA Tmi, shirts
Kirsti Uusitalo, VIP-persons
Kai Karkulahti, visual identity & web sites www.kaikarkulahti.com
Miika Korppi, web sites www.aatospaja.fi